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Computer & IT Cleaning - TECNET

We carry out a range of IT and communication equipment cleaning through our specialist TECNET Division.

Established for almost 20 years TECNET is one of London’s leading Computer Cleaning service teams.

Computer and IT cleaning is best left to specialists who are fully trained and insured to carry out this work. Often “bundled in” with a cleaning contract there is often no evidence that this work is carried out to the same clean and hygienic standard, using approved materials and equipment, that is achieved by an experienced team.

Computer and IT cleaning covers a whole range of equipment including keyboards, screens, telephones, laptops, key pads, faxes, copiers, printers and all peripheral items. We also clean ATMs and EPOS pads.

The benefits of clean IT equipment are: Keyboards are kept clean reducing the risk of cross infection, especially for shared users. Removing dirt and dust prolongs equipment life. A clean screen reduces eyestrain and staffs’ working conditions and the appearance of the equipment is improved in receptions and high profile areas.

TECNET carry out work for a large range of clients including:

The work is mainly carried out at the weekend but daytime cleaning can also be arranged for sensitive locations. The staff travel on public transport and all areas on the Greater London rail or Tube network can be covered.

TECNET offer a FREE DEMONSTRATION CLEAN of a computer when you request a survey and our prices are clearly displayed on a menu of options. You only pay for what we clean.

We normally need a minimum of 10 items to clean but please contact us if you have any IT related cleaning problems and we will do our best to solve them.

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